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M Windows 

A  selection of images from Angelbert Metoyer’s War-Beau: M Window series

The concept that informs Angelbert Metoyer’s M Window project is that time only exists as a personal psychological experience contained by the parameters of subjective perception. Metoyer theorizes time as a complex equation of memory and self-projection realized solely in the mind of the sentient being at the centre of any given ‘moment’ in time. In the M Window project Metoyer seeks to recreate the ‘self:memory:moment’ equation within the context of an artwork: layering a number of symbolic images together in order to evoke the various belief structures and associations that take place in any given individual’s experience of time. 


The conceptual genesis of the M Window project came from Metoyer’s attempt to map his personal memories and tune himself into the archetypal forms encoded in the collective consciousness. The artist began this mapping process by approaching memory as a phenomena consisting of four core elements: eternal, immortal, dynamic and static. His subsequent investigations into the mechanics of time and the psychology of the human mind led him to quantum theory, and he began to realize the project as a reflection of the multi-dimensional aspect of time proposed by leading physicists. The resulting works therefore act as a complex and powerful pan-dimensional conduit to ancestral memory, and explore what the radical psychoanalyst Carl C Jung would describe as the shared a priori archetypes that define what it means to be human.


In War-Beau: M Window (Eternal Memory) each M Window is made up of various still images that deal in the arena of war and beauty, all of which take the ‘eternal’ element of memory as their conceptual base. The placement of these still images upon each other within sheets of gold-dust-flecked layered glass creates holographic movement within the work, resulting in a series of dimensions that appear to be in perpetual flux, taking different forms depending on the angle they are viewed from. Essentially, the artist is attempting to engage his audience in his unique conception of time as a starkly individual yet shared experience, encouraging them to employ the tools of memory and self-projection to complete the work.

For Metoyer, War Beau: M Window (Eternal Memory) provides just one of four possible paths via which one can gain an enlightened perception of time. Metoyer conceptualizes engagement with the work as a form of time travel, with each work representing a doorway to a specifically conceived dimension. In War-Beau: M Window (Eternal Memory) Metoyer has created windows to a total of 13 specific dimensions as opposed to the 11 proposed by quantum physicists: a choice that reflects his cryptic belief in the arcane power of this number.

Over the next two years, Metoyer intends to create 13 works from each of the four core elements of his ‘self:memory:moment’ equation – eternal, immortal, dynamic and static – resulting in a collection of 52 radically different pieces.

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